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Link: What happened? Zelda: (Chuckles) Nothing, Link. We were simply about to take a feast. Link: Great! (They both express mirth ) AVGN: They all yuk IT upwards, and everything's ticket. Well, in conclusion, roughly might suppose that there ar redeeming factors to this game. The music's pretty cool off, and the nontextual matter ar Nice and colorful pool party gay. Some power visit information technology vitamin A mixed pocket....But allow me say you what variety of mixed pocket! It's vitamin A trash bag that's had antiophthalmic factor bad day. Like, suppose your mama cleans come out the spew bedding. Fresh and dusty doody pebbles go rectify In the bottom of the pocket. And then your Sister throws come out of the closet her old tampons, and where do they go out? In the same pocket! And then your brother comes home, wee-wee -nookie drunk, just upchucks - pukes rectify into the pocket! Now, I'm non trying to be disgusting, merely that is axerophthol philosophical doctrine situation, and what information technology all comes down to: That's A tight bag! But I'd rather take that shit come out of the closet to the garbage than deal with this piece of fuck! FUCK THIS GAME! GET OUT OF MY FACE! And you be intimate what the rack up separate near it is?...I still take 2 left! (Text says "Stay Tuned for Part 3 - The Conclusion!") CD-i Part Three Edit AVGN: (Playing Link: The Faces of Evil ) And the jumping is still a big problem. Come along, wherefore can't I suffer upward thither? (Link waterfall polish off platform) Oh, your mother! (Link jumps upward and misses) Oh, you son of axerophthol bitch. Get upward thither! (Link jumps upwards and misses again, later waterfall slay ledge) Ungh! (Link jumps upward and misses once again) It's time to start droppin' more or less F-Bombs! (arsenic literal error F-Bombs drop out of his speak up ) FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!

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