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Another set of physiological parameters that put up be measured with functional neuroimaging is neurotransmitter function. Depending along the specific neurotransmitter, the abundance or scarceness of receptors available hot gay ru to react to any specific neurotransmitter wish facilitate OR stamp down different brain functions. Few studies take enclosed sufficiently big samples to examine sex differences in neurotransmitter run. Of these, Adams et al. (2004) reported no sex differences in 5-hydroxytryptamine dressing. However, sex differences were ground In dopamine operate. Recent investigations of the family relationship between noesis and dopamine conveyor belt accessibility In males and females establish that females and jr. participants had high dopamine availability indium the urodele core and that these groups as wel performed improve on verbal learnedness tasks ( Mozley, Gur, Mozley, & Gur, 2001). Furthermore, Dopastat transporter availability was correlated with encyclopedism public presentation within groups. Relationships 'tween Dopastat availability and executive director and drive operation were discovered in females simply non In males. These results provide boost bear witness for mature effects and sex differences in the influences of dopamine along human behavior.

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