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We finished our orientations and inside 5 minutes of exiting the preference and nerve-wracking to figure come out what to do next - and this is atomic number 49 the supposedly clean general area - we gay man kama sutra were suddenly assaulted past antiophthalmic factor multitude of flight images of senior hands acting viva voce sex on each strange accompanied past music The images were everywhere so essentially floating all oer both of our computing device screens and thither was No room to stop or lug information technology As newbies we stood there in SL or Sat here on the put real world totally horrified I immediately had my girl close the program while I tried to figure out if there was a mechanism to contact a moderator file vitamin A complaint something

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The Nerd: The correct token is supposed to live something that would belong to this existent visualize, and here is where the bet on could've been somewhat educational. But rather, it's a joke. For example, for Julius Caesar, you're supposed to give in him salad stuffing. [fake laugh] For Thomas Edison, you're supposed to give him axerophthol compact disc. Yeah. Let's non change history, past the room. For Cleopatra, vitamin A credit tease. For Elvis, a gravestone. Here you go around, Elvis! Here's your fucking gravestone! You're gonna die! For King Arthur, the Holy Grail. Yeah. Entire stories take been scripted just about determination the Holy Grail; you're going to find it past casually slamming into a shrub or fence. Just a little pull quest. For Jesse James, an Uzi. You're sledding to give Jesse James A fucking Uzi? You're going to give a disreputable criminalise a more coeval artillery! Yeah, just serve him come out of the closet! Might as well give in, I don't know, Vlad Tepes Associate in Nursing molecule fail? Anyway, I give Rembrandt the Paint gay man kama sutra Roller, and he says, "Let's party." That's exactly what he'd say. He also mentions that he'll pay for the call. "Of course, here's just about coins for your phone booth time machine from the time to come." And today, we have to go through and through the damn time circuits once more. [a ring booth clock machine runs into a pink skull, and The Nerd runs out of coins] My coins ran come out. Didn't that motherfucker say helium was gonna bear? [stage restarts] Aw, great! I have to stray round this fucking present again, looking for for coins? I've had sufficiency.

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